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Mangrove rehabilitation

17:15 Jun 17 2015 2981 King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Road, Medina, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Avicennia marina mangroves were replanted in Shuaiba region on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia for the aim of rehabilitation if the dense mangrove stand of the region.
Additional Data
SPECIES (Identify the species to the best of your ability): gray mangrove
SCIENTIFIC NAME (Example - Red Mangrove=Rhizophora mangle): Avecinnia marina
DESCRIPTION (Describe what you see): Avecinnia marina
SIZE - (Measure in metrics): 3.5 meter
COLOR: gray
HABITAT (Describe the environment where you located the species): contenental shelves charachterized by frequently inundated lands (Sabkha)
Air Temperature(Record in Celsius): 35-42

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